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We can provide many entertainment options for corporate events. Such as games, dancing, discos and crafts. We recommend 2 entertainers for a max of 30 guests, 3 entertainers for 30-50 guests and 4 entertainers for 50+ guests.

  • 2 Entertainers - £90 per hour

  • 3 Entertainers - £125 per hour

  • 4 Entertainers - £150 per hour

  • Santa and Elf (Seasonal) - £90 per hour



Face Painting, Glitter Hair or Glitter Tattoos - £40 per hour

Sweetie Table or Popcorn Bar - £2 per child

Photo Backdrop and props - £20 additional charge 

Themed Photo Backdrop and props - £35 additional charge

Travel fees may also be applied

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 23.34.41.png
Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 23.34.45.png


At Eventsize we have highly trained face painters who can do  a range of styles. Whether this be festival face paint or full-face unicorns and superheroes. A single face painter can do  up to 15 faces in an hour.


Hourly Rate:

£50 per hour


Premium Facepainters


You can hire our premium face painters, Jenna, Rachael or Claire, who have over 4 years of face painting experience. They can do almost any design you like – they can also paint at adult events such as concerts, festivals or club nights. They can do 20 faces in an hour.


Hourly Rate:

£60 per hour


Get the party started with a glitter bar! Both girls and boys love hair glitter for any party, event or festival. This unique service will help your event stand out and be memorable. Hair braiding is also an option here.


Hourly Rate:

£45 per hour



We can provide beautiful glitter tattoos in an array of fabulous colours. We can also order tattoo stencils to suit  your event.

Hourly Rate:

£40 per hour

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-19 at 17.41.28 (4).jpeg


This includes a mixture of games that can be played indoors or outdoors. Such as 4 in a row, hoop toss, bowling, X’s and O’s, bubble station, large Jenga and more! These games are a great way to entertain the kids while the adults are mingling within the day or at night during your wedding party. A staff member will arrive to set up and collect the garden games at the beginning and end of the booking. 

*Please note there will also be a £50 additional charge incase of any accidental damage to the games during your booking. This will be refunded to you upon return of the equipment in the condition it was set up in. 

Hourly Rate:

£40 per hour




Add some magical bubbles to your event! We can create large bouncy bubbles as well as opportunity for guests to get involved in making their own.

Hourly Rate:

£40 per hour


We can offer you a range of crafts to keep your mini-guests occupied during the day and evening. This could include colouring books and pencils, Wedding card making, craft games such as word searches and mazes. We can also discuss with you if you would like a certain craft to be made to fit with any theme or interests. This package includes 1 staff member per 8 children. We will set up an area at your venue to keep the children entertained and occupied with the crafts and quieter activities. 

Hourly Rate:

£40 per hour (£15 per additional staff member)

*Prices may also vary depending on craft requests and equipment required.*


For large events our glitter tattoo artists, face painters and glitter bar staff can do commission where we charge the customers £3 per tattoo, £3.50 per facepaint, £3 for hair glitter and £3 for braiding. For commission events Kidsize keeps the majority of what we earn. We recommend giving you, the client, a 10% cut of earnings. Alternatively, you can charge a stall fee of between £10-£20. 

Commission events can be risky as our staff may make no income at all, so we ask that before booking us on commission you are confident in a large turnout.

When you book us for a public event, we will promote your event/business on our social media and by word of mouth. It is important to us that when you hire us we work in partnership. In return we ask that you allow us to display our banner if suitable and hand out business cards.

We love creating connections with other businesses and organisations and will ensure that repeat bookings get the best deals we can offer.

We want to work with you to ensure your event is as special as it can be, so feel free to message, call or ask for a meeting prior to your event to discuss details and how we can go the extra mile for you.

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