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Here at Eventsize we strive our best to make each party as fun as possible for your child! 


We can tailor games, dancing and activities to suit any theme possible. All of our parties include a disco for the last 45 minutes. This will include party games such as corners and dancing competitions! 


We can help with all of the organisation of your party and advise you on how we usually structure our Parties. We have created a party structure that we believe helps to ensure the party runs as smoothly as possible. For the first 45 minutes to an hour, we have themed activities and games for the children to play, we then stop to have a small break which will give you the opportunity to offer any food or cake as well as some photo opportunities, after the food and cake, it is disco time! The last 45 minutes to an hour of the party we provide a fun disco that has lots of games to win sweets and prizes!


Classic Themed Package - £180 (2 hours)


Our classic themes include lots of fun games such as parachute games, treasure hunts, team challenges, dancing and lots more. Each theme has tailor made games and activities that are relevant to the theme. See below for options. Each of the below options can be combined together to create a unique and fun party.  Themes are optional. 


  • Classic

  • Unicorn

  • Mermaids 

  • Pirates

  • Dragons/ Dinos

  • Fairies / Enchanted land

  • Cadet / Nerf 

  • Super hero 

  • Princess (can be themed to a specific princess)

  • Dance 

Premium Themed Packages - £200 plus additional costs for extras (2 hours)


Our premium parties offer a similar experience as our classic themed parties however they tend to need an extra entertainer and the cost may increase due to crafts or experiments. See below for options. These themes can also be combined with any of the classic themes.


  • Wizarding World (£3 per child for potions-optional)

  • Slime making (£3 per child)

  • Arts and Crafts (prices vary depending on activity)

  • Splash party (£2 per child)

  • Scientist party (£3 per child)


Tailor Made Theme - Starting price from £200 (2 hours)

*Price depends on the theme that you choose, this will be discussed with Events Manager*


If you do not see a theme above that suits or if your child has a very specific interest, we can create a tailor made party that ensures your child's party is as unique as possible. 



Face Painting, Glitter Hair or Glitter Tattoos - £40 per hour

Photo Backdrop and props - £25 additional charge 

Themed Photo Backdrop and props - £35 additional charge

Sweetie / Popcorn table - £2 per child

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